The Mandel Institute of Jewish Studies
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The Mandel Institute of Jewish Studies
Scholion – Interdisciplinary Research Center in Jewish Studies
Announces the
Mandel Scholars Program
Two Research and Teaching Positions
For the years 2009-2012
In the fields of Jewish Culture and Society for Young and Excellent PhDs

• The positions are intended for young and recently graduated PhDs worldwide whose research
demonstrates exceptional depth and originality in fields related to Jewish Studies and whose
research may enrich the discipline. Candidates who have not yet graduated may apply if they have
submitted their dissertations, and their acceptance to the program will be conditional upon the
approval of their degrees by April 1, 2009.
• Positions offer preferential terms for research
• Positions are offered for a three year period, with an option for one or two years
• The appointment will commence on 1st
October 2009
• Positions will be awarded on a competitive basis with no preference given to specific fields
• Salary will be commensurate with that of a lecturer, with an additional grant for research
• The candidates selected will teach one course (two academic hours)
• The candidates selected may lecture in English

Applications are to be submitted only via the Scholion website
Successful candidates from Israel and abroad will be invited to lecture on a topic of their choice at
the Hebrew University of Jerusalem on January 8th, 2009
Last Date for Submitting Applications:
November 29, 2008

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