Donner Institute 21th Symposium
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The Donner institute will arrange a


16-18 June 2010 in Аbo / Turku, Finland


Linnasmаki Congress Centre Hotell

Ringbrynjegatan 7 / Lustokatu 7

Tel.: +358 2 412 3500

FIN-20380 Аbo / Turku


Religion and the Body

The theme we have chosen for the Donner Institute 21th Symposium is

Religion and the Body.
One of the places where religion and culture intersect is the

body. The body can be manipulated using various methods;

methods that are also used in a non-religious context.

Examples of such are asceticism, fasting and other dietary

restrictions, and various psycho-techniques such as yoga.

The body is also mutilated for religious reasons, as in the

case of circumcision.

Examples of phenomena within this theme include:


Bodily rites and symbolic gestures

The body after death

The body as a creation of divine life

Body trance

Circumcision of boys and girls at initiation rites

Gender and the human body in religion

Head-coverings, face-veiling, bowing, kneeling,
genuflecting, and other signs of spiritual modesty



Instrumental music, choral singing, psalm
recitation, and hand-clapping


Intense sensory experiences, including hunger,
sexual abstinence, sleep deprivation, and skin



The odour of incense and the sight of iconography

The ‘purification’ or ‘churching’ of women's bodies
after childbirth


Religious aspects of tattooing

Soul and the flesh

Therapy as religion
The theme of the body has been topical for quite some time

– for example, within gender studies. Thus, we probably do

not need to give any detailed account of what we refer to by

our theme

Religion and the Body. We should, however, point
out that we are thinking of the concrete body, not of body in

a metaphorical sense.


Please send your application to give a paper, with a short

abstract included, to the Donner Institute no later than

February 15 2010.

20 minutes will be reserved for your lecture followed by 10

minutes for discussion.

Finally, we would like to inform you that the lectures will be

published, in English, French or German, in volume 23 of the

Donner Institute series

Scripta Instituti Donneriani Aboensis.
The published version of your lecture may be longer than

the one you present at the symposium. We will be happy to

receive a digital and publishable version of your lecture

already at the symposium but no later than

October 31


The registration fee is 150 ?, 100 ? for doctoral students

The fee should be paid by the end of

April 2010.
Account number: Nordea FI 12 20571800020055


(In Finland: Nordea 205718-20055 Stiftelsen f&覮r &襽bo


The registration fee includes a Get together party, an

excursion and a banquet organised in connection with the


Please indicate in your registration whether you wish to

participate in the excursion and the banquet.


Linnasmаki Congress Centre Hotell

Ringbrynjegatan 7 / Lustokatu 7

Tel.: +358 2 412 3500

FIN-20380 Аbo / Turku



Donner institute

PB 70

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Fax: +358 20 786 1459


Tore Ahlbоck, Bjоrn Dahla and Anna Nyman

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