3-9 December, 2009, Melbourne, Australia
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First held in Chicago in 1893, the Parliament of the World’s Religions brings together the world’s religious and spiritual communities, their leaders and their followers to a gathering where peace, diversity and sustainability are discussed and explored in the context of interreligious understanding and cooperation.

As the world’s largest interreligious gathering, the Parliament will

Convene religious and civil leaders and people of faith, spirit and goodwill from at least or more than 80 countries
Foster interreligious, civil and cross-cultural dialogue on important local, national, and global issues
Invite over 10,000 participants to work together for a just, peaceful, and harmonious society
Have global appeal, covering social concerns including understanding and respecting diversity, peace and Indigenous reconciliation
Engage worldwide religious, spiritual, secular, environmental, business and educational leaders to seek commitment and practical solutions through dialogue.
Promote and encourage social cohesion within societies locally and across the world.

Call for Programs Announced!
*Program Proposal Submission Deadline is 28 February 2009*
Call for Programs (pdf)
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The Council for a Parliament of the World's Religions invites proposals for programs from all persons, groups, communities and organisations for presentation at the 2009 Parliament of the World’s Religions in Melbourne, Australia, 3–9 December, 2009.

The mission of the Council is to cultivate harmony among the world’s religious and spiritual communities and to foster their engagement with society and guiding institutions to achieve a just, peaceful and sustainable world. The Parliament is, in the historic sense of the word, “a place for civil discourse.” Program types may include: lecture, academic paper, seminar, panel discussion, religious or spiritual observance, workshop, training session or artistic performance. Regular programs will be 90 minutes in length, although other durations are possible. Symposia (1–3 day series of programs on a particular topic) may also be considered.

We are interested in:

Observances from diverse religious and spiritual traditions
Intrareligious programs – people from a single religious tradition express their identity, discuss their challenges and showcase their messages
Interreligious programs – people from two or more religious traditions engage with each other seeking greater understanding
Engagement programs – people from different religious traditions focus on how to work together to address key topics
Special attention will be given to programs that use creative methods of communication, that involve members of two or more religious or spiritual communities or groups, and that offer interactive approaches to engage participants.

Program proposals are now being received; we will review them on an ongoing basis, with final decisions made by June 2009. We encourage early submissions!

These programs will address the following, and more:

Healing the Earth with Care and Concern
Reconciling with the Indigenous Peoples
Overcoming Poverty in a Patriarchal World
Securing Food and Water for All People
Building Peace in the Pursuit of Justice
Creating Social Cohesion in Village and City
Sharing Wisdom in the Search for Inner Peace
We are open to programs on all topics of pressing concern and will post additional topic clusters as they develop, including:

Youth Leadership • Women’s Leadership • Religion and Sport •
Chaplaincies • Religious Education •
Religious Arts, Architecture and Media •
Science and Religion • Confronting HIV/AIDS across the World •
The Internet and the Mobile: Religious and Moral Perspectives

Programs and presenters will be evaluated according to the following criteria:
relationship to the 2009 theme, Make a World of Difference: Hearing each other, Healing the earth contribution to the overall balance of the Parliament in terms of religious and spiritual traditions, new and well-known voices, academic and experiential formats and gender.
demonstrated capacity to successfully engage participants in the topic
contribution to the presenter’s ongoing interreligious work in her or his own context
The principles guiding the 2009 Parliament are respectful dialogue – which includes non-proselytizing, a willingness to engage in interreligious dialogue, and a commitment to explore topics, including those that are potentially divisive, from a variety of viewpoints.

To find out how to submit a program proposal, please click here.

May 2008 Call for Programs is issued. Ongoing review begins.
February 28, 2009 Program proposal submission deadline
June 2009 Final confirmation of program acceptance
December 3–9, 2009 The 2009 Parliament of the World’s Religions

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